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#ThinkIndia Podcast

Brand Capital International's Neville Taraporewalla and Piyush Puri embark on an exploration of the power of innovation and expansion, the in’s-and-out’s of becoming a strong entrepreneur, and what it takes to break into the fastest growing economy in the world: India.

Season 3

  • Episode 5: Understanding NFTs with Gaurang Torvekar

    On the fifth episode of season 3 of #ThinkIndia, Piyush Puri joins Indorse cofounder, Gaurang Torvekar to discuss one of the hottest trends in crypto, NFTs.

  • Episode 4: Cricket for Everyone with Ganesh Nallapareddy

    On the fourth episode of #ThinkIndia Season 3, Piyush Puri speaks to Ganesh Nallapareddy, founder and CEO of CricClubs, the leading cricket technology company across the world.

  • Episode 3: An Entrepreneurial Mindset

    In the third episode of season 3 of the #ThinkIndia podcast, Neville Taraporewalla sits down with Mithu Kuna, Founder and CEO of, where they discuss his background in e-commerce.

  • Episode 2: Crowdfunding for Business

    In the second episode of #ThinkIndia Season 3, Neville Taraporewalla speaks with Chuck Pettid, CEO of Republic Crowdfunding Portal, where they discuss the ins and outs of crowdfunding.