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Online Education Market Outlook in India

The online education market in India is to be highly impacted by the emergence of cloud computing. The cloud technology enables eLearning companies in India save a significant amount of data, content, and information on a single platform. The saving of data makes easier for users and providers to manage, procure, process and access information from anywhere possible. Another major eLearning market trends is the rising popularity of big data and learning analytics. The eLearning market in India is forecast be worth over $18 billion by 2022. The technology helps online course providers measure learner’s preferences, failures, success, and behaviors, thereby obtaining actionable intelligence to improve course designs. Thus, rising awareness of analytics will push growth in the online education market in India. With the rising demand of prospective learners looking for alternative education sources, the country offers significant opportunities for eLearning companies in India, offering products or services based on digital platforms. The significant adoption of latest technologies and methods the Indian online education market size is expected to grow in leaps and bounds.

According to the latest market report from Technavio, the online education market size in India is set to grow by USD 14.33 billion during 2020-2024, registering an incredible CAGR of over 21% over next four years.

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