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We've compiled some of the most compelling, informative and relevant reports, articles, case studies and white papers from leading research firms, legal experts and universities on doing business in India.

  • Understanding impact on consumer behaviour due to COVID-19

    Many organisations across industries such as tech, auto and transportation saw ripple effect of supply chain disruption on day to day operations and earnings while many industries such as retail and banking, responded quickly by pivoting
    to digital channels to maintain
    their connect with customers.

  • Start-Ups: What you need to know

    A startup is faced with a number of issues that have to be dealt with in order to grow into a successful organization. Apart from planning the most effective business strategy for the company, the startup needs to look at the regulatory environment, various legal issues, and the laws of the country where the start-up is proposed to be set up. In addition to this, the startup will also need to examine the regulatory and tax regimes of locations it plans to do business in.

  • Global Technology Governance Report 2021:Harnessing Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies in a COVID-19 World

    The emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have a vital role to play as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild our economies. While these technologies can help drive enormous social breakthroughs and economic value, they can also potentially be misused.